Posted on October 27, 2017 By Mattison

Top best wireless speaker

I am insanely pumped for the big boy the mega burrito more depth more low-end step up in a big way in a bigger way than I expected this though look at this you have the flap to protect the auxilary port and the micro USB and we are fully waterproof for how much money AJ $300 that’s expensive most people they spend that kind of money on their phones I don’t know how many people in the market for a speaker that’s this price that said it’s about the sound right so let’s pair up same song same song same song you already know what do I need to tell you at this point you already know you heard it this is the one to get I don’t know what you have to do maybe you have to borrow a few best portable wireless speakers bucks from your parents maybe you have to ask for it from Santa

Claus Hanukkah ask for it for Kwanzaa listen a lot of times this is like not your main music setup and it’s something you want to take with you and this is

this is cool I will get this one over this one I’ll take sound over the water proof put away a few extra bucks get get a paper route right get a paper route Wow when you hear them in this kind of environment one after the other you really start to appreciate the differences you’re sitting on the picnic tables outside your high school with this joint and then someone comes along with the mega boom you’re out you’re out of commission they send you home you’re suspended you might even be expelled you show up with this one you’re expelled alright let’s listen to it one more time but you heard what I have to say all right this is my this is the one we’re gonna roll out on the mega boo